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Tatiana is very experienced in the Hudson county market and is usually accurate about what is a reasonable price for a property. I went with Tatiana because of her impressive resume of deals. She is also well connected with lenders/lawyers, which helps establish a network of other  people I can continue to work with on future transactions.

Process Expertise: Given her experience, I never felt unsure about what was next in the process of the transaction since Tatiana is very familiar with it all after having sold many homes. I believe she does a good job in actively marketing a property through various MLS websites, open houses, and communication to her network. She acts very quick to list a property to get it in front of as many potential buyers as possible, which I certainly appreciated.

Responsiveness: She responds very quickly when it is urgent, though I wish her response time was a little faster on other occasions. I understand she has many other clients and is busy, but sometimes I wasn't given the attention I would expect, so perhaps her associates/teammates can help manage time/clients in this capacity.

Negotiation Skills: Tatiana does a good job in negotiating based on my earlier comment above about her ability to know what is a reasonable price for a property. However, I think she focuses on days-on-market too much and should balance with the importance of getting her clients the best possible sale price.

Overall: I enjoyed working with Tatiana and getting to know her and her team. She ultimately got the deal done for me in a relatively short period of time, thus minimizing the stress on me, which I certainly appreciated. I think she did a good job in managing showings requests, following up with potential buyers, and also finding another home for the tenant I had in the property at the time of sale. It was a lot for her to coordinate in a short period of time, and I am glad it all worked out. I look forward to the future

- 22JA

We rented our apartment and Tatiana and her team were very organized and completed the whole process in a week. They were amazing during the whole process and always kept us in loop.

- Ash & Pooja

Tatiana went above and beyond to find us our new home. To say she hustles is an understatement. She spent everyday of the week, all hours of everyday sending us links to apartments she thought we would love. She also knows the town so well and knew listings that would be coming up so was able to  better prep us for potential apartments. Honestly, she is exactly what you want in a realtor- extremely knowledgeable of the area, hardworking and moves very quickly!!

- Anonymous

My wife and I have worked with Tatiana on multiple real estate transactions over the past 10yrs. She always exceeds our expectations. Tatiana is top notch and by far the most knowledgeable in the area. My wife calls her the “dealmaker” because she ALWAYS works out the best deal based on our  interest!

- John & Jen

I had a great experience working with Tatiana and her team (Dennis Murphy) during my home buying process in Hoboken. Tatiana understood the market and has excellent clarity on the process. Even though there were multiple offers on the house, she was able to negotiate well to keep the seller  interested in our offer.

- Sahil & Swati

Tatiana was great to work with. We had previously gone with another realtor which was a mistake. As soon as we switched to Tatiana she sold our place before we even hit our first open house with her. I heard she could be too aggressive but for us who were waiting to sell our place for over 6  months, that aggressiveness was a huge asset. She wasted no time and made sure we got what we asked for.

- Anonymous

Tatiana and her team were very professional and did an amazing job prepping our apartment for sale and socializing it in the market. They helped facilitate multiple offers and provided transparent/realistic advice. We appreciate her and her team helping to move our apt as quickly as possible.

- Vipul & Ruby

Tatiana and her team just helped us found our house in Hoboken NJ! The team is quick responsive and very knowledgeable with local community life. Whenever you had a question, she will reply as quickly as possible with useful information. Her network is also very broad and gave us great  recommendations on buyer's lawyer and home inspector choice. The whole process is very smooth and efficient. I highly recommend to work with her and the great team! 

- Sophia

Tatiana is the best!! She is a pleasure to work with and help my wife and I buy our first home in uptown Hoboken a few weeks ago. She does a ton of work in the Jersey City and Hoboken market and is knowledgeable on the different trends. I highly recommend working with her.

- Anonymous

Tatiana and her team just sold my house in Hoboken NJ. Tatiana was so competent and caring during the process. Always available for my questions and she was on top of every detail. Based on her experience and advice the house sold quickly and I could not be more happy with the outcome. She knows  how to get the job done. I highly recommend her and her fantastic team.

- Ginny & Tom

Tatiana was able to help me with the purchase of my dream home! After I found my home (by accident), I needed to quickly sell my place - she got a team together to get my condo prepared to sell - it was sold in less than a week from meeting her! Her network is amazing. Very professional, always  available, understands the market and the area. Highly recommend!

- Alexandra

Tatiana and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were extremely knowledgable and attentive. They were also incredibly motivated and transparent throughout our process. I felt like we were their one and only client even though I knew we were not! I cannot speak highly enough of  their professionalism and work ethic.

- Sarah

I started my relationship with Tatiana every since she got me a rental at 2 2nd St. #3604 in Jersey City. It was a very seamless transaction and I loved the place. After living in Crystal Point and then moving to 1100 Maxwell #506, my dream was to always have an investment property in the Hoboken  Waterfront and, after Tatiana introduced me to 1400 Hudson #412, she made that dream come true. She has a very high knowledge and expertise in the Hoboken and Jersey City area. She has rented my home twice and both times she has been able to get me amazing tenants. Tatiana also helps me manage this home at no cost to me which is great because I travel a lot. All in all, I would only recommend Tatiana to all investors/buyers/homeowners/tenants. I've had nothing but an amazing experience with her.

- Alessandro

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